Windows 10 End of Support in October 2025 Microsoft Reopens Beta Testing

Windows 10 End of Support in October 2025: Microsoft Reopens Beta Testing

Windows 10 end of support in October 2025 is approaching, and Microsoft is taking the unusual step of reopening its beta program to test new features and enhancements. This decision marks a shift in strategy to maximize value for Windows 10 users before support ends.

New Features and AI Copilot Integration

The AI Copilot feature, once exclusive to Windows 11, is now available on Windows 10. “To deliver new features and more enhancements, we need a place for active feature development with Windows Insiders,” states Microsoft’s Windows Insider team. Thus, the Beta Channel is now open for Windows Insiders on Windows 10.

Windows 10 End of Support in October 2025: Key Details

Microsoft hasn’t disclosed which new features it plans to test next. However, Windows Insiders can join the beta channel to receive early access. The end of support date, October 14th, 2025, remains unchanged. Microsoft assures that joining the Beta Channel doesn’t alter this deadline.

Strategic Change for Windows 10 Users

Last year, Microsoft announced it was done with major updates for Windows 10. This shift to introduce new features ensures users get the most out of their existing PCs. The company describes this change as a way “to ensure everyone can get maximum value from their current Windows PC.”

Paid Security Updates Post-Support

For the first time, consumers will be offered paid security updates after the end of support in October 2025. Businesses will need to pay $61 per device for a year of updates. This fee doubles in the second year and again in the third year. Pricing for consumer updates will be shared later.

Encouraging Upgrades to Windows 11

Microsoft continues to encourage upgrades to Windows 11. However, many PCs can’t upgrade due to strict hardware requirements. Windows 11 only supports CPUs released from 2018 onward and devices with TPM security chips.

Market Share of Windows 10 and 11

Windows 11 adoption lags behind Windows 10. StatCounter lists Windows 11 at nearly 28% of all Windows version market share as of May 2024. Windows 10 still holds 68%, nine years after its release. This underscores the importance of reopening beta testing for new features and enhancements.


In summary, Windows 10 end of support in October 2025 is a significant milestone. Microsoft has reopened its beta program to test new features and enhancements, providing maximum value to users. This approach ensures PCs remain functional and secure until the end of support. Users can expect additional updates and features through the Windows Insider program, highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to its user base.

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